by Culled Cub

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This is my Post near death experience. I wanted to scale back, all of my options, all of the countless ways i could change sounds and tones, never being completely complete. I found a 1978 Bontempi Minstrel aplha A keyboard, and a 1984 Yamaha DD5 drum machine and started really writing songs again. So this is my attempt to express myself, using minimal instruments and all of my heart. This is the sound of myself as a cassette tape dreaming.


released August 8, 2017

Recorded and mixed by Zak Mouton and Ryan Frailich at Route 2 recordings

2017 Play-Yah Records

all songs written and performed by Tommy Herrera

Album art by Adam Hartel


all rights reserved



CulledCub Pasadena, California

Pollute the airwaves not the planet. Keys, beats, and good trees.

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Track Name: Lie Hard
Growing up on the west side
of this here lively ghost town
suprisingly they kept the records well
stories your old bootstraps can tell

growing up on the dark side
this little mousey girl, dressed like Grace Kelly
with big block letters and big bright colors
shes writing on walls, and wiping away

growing up with anxiety its always been more like an enemy than a friend
but i noticed, if i try, i can hold on to life
but i noticed, if i try, i can hold, on to life
Track Name: Swoon-Like
where'd you get that glitter on your eyes
i might put some on my pillow
just pretend you needed a shoulder to cry on but you
probably wont and never will

rainy days are commin, but you're the one who's bummin me out
rainy days are commin, i dont know what you're frowning about

yesterday i saw a pretty worm remind me,
i always let you dig me into dirt so blindly
yesterday i saw a pretty worm remind me
Track Name: Claws & Effect
You're so cute you'd probably get away with anything
You're so hot i want to touch you but you'd burn me babe
and i dont know, what you're doing to me i cant fight it

After i met you i couldnt think about just anything
thats not your eyes your lips your style or your baby babe
and i dont know what this feeling is i cant fight it

(chorus) ill be your secret, the best ones are kept, by the scratches on my back and the marks on your neck
ill be your secret, the best ones are lies, the best ones are crimes for sex money and pride

im a bad boy, but im good for you, ill do everything those other guys dont like to do and
you're a good girl, but you're bad for me, you turn all my thoughts into such cloudy things
and your a vixen, some kind of temptress, you make me sweat i hope you see that i just want to please
i need you baby, my pretty baby
i want your hips and lips and mine to meet

Track Name: Happy Tears
Someone give me good news, to afraid to look up
someone give me mushrooms, you wanna be my bestfriend?
well your daddies got a gun he is gonna use it to protect us all

x 2

(chorus) It's free to make a fist
to use it in peace and to resist
leak, the revolution it wont be televised
it's free to make a fist, to use it in peace and to resist
they yell when scared i think they are terrified

Playing bones, yelling dominos
mistaking parks for bars i got a bloody nose
breaking bones, and smashing pumpkins
i got a lot to lose, my motor functions
heavy metal, experimental,
hardcore at 30 can be so tempermental but
im so simple, got a wrinkle, i got to find the time so i can sprinkle
unrealistic, anamalistic, i need to put on my lipstick just to kiss it
unrealistic, anamalistic, i need to put on my lipstick just to kiss it


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